May 9, 2016

Mobile Optin Software

Mobile Optin Software

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Below is my best kept secret for marketing in 2017.


Start building your very own asset you can control forever ! 



Stop allowing your competition to laugh at you. Make them furious instead with the amazing results you can achieve with this must have tool.

Did you know most people search on mobile then buy from a desktop? This data is why you need this tool today. I can set all this up for you today totally free if you have a website or not.

“It is not the strongest that survive in business, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. 

Sometimes to get an unfair advantage it’s not what you know, but who you know. This new must have tool I have for you is the best kept secret for marketing online in 2016 & 2017. Your business will 100% have an unfair advantage over your competition by using this must have software. Remember, even the big boys are unaware about this new tool. Jump on this trend now and milk the profits.

1. This tool will 100% save you a significant amount of money when advertising online.

2. This must have tool is the most cutting-edge software on the market right now.

3. This tool can help stop fake and secondary emails getting onto your email list.

Read below to see the damage fake emails are doing to you and your business. Remember, you need a good strong buyers list to succeed with email marketing. 

  1.  Fake or secondary emails will cost your business a significant amount of money.
  2.  Fake or secondary emails will give your business a low email open rate that mail senders hate.
  3.  Fake or secondary emails can hurt your business as the emails you send might end up in your customers junk folder. This can really hurt your sales as people use the inbox more than the junk folder.
  4. This asset you build can even be sold separately with your business. Remember, as online advertising costs increase your email list is worth more as your new email list will grow with compounding interest year after year because your advertising costs are reduced dramatically when you build your very own buyers list.

You can even have this amazing tool for FREE for six months if it doesn’t get you higher than a 20% conversion. How can you say no to my special offer?

I’m so confident you need this for your website, business or social media pages that you can keep this software for six months for free if I can’t get you more than a 20% mobile conversion from your target market.

Most business owners are not using this software because most marketing agencies and business owners have never even seen this stuff before. You must be quick on this because I only have so many hours in the day for each new customer and this special offer will go up because my amazing early bird offer will end soon.

So how can this software help you get you more leads, buyers or subscribers?

The smartphone user or mac book user that clicks your website page with the new code that automatically shows the new squeeze page never needs to enter the email address for you to join them to your new email list if they use email on the smartphone they use. PS. And most people do use the real email address. Say bye bye to people with low attention spans from today.

Did you know that some people will leave your landing page because they enter a letter wrong? You never need to worry about this problem from today as this will automatically detect and take the real email address they use and add it to your email list when they access your free offer, discount, book or info page.

Click this link from your desktop or smartphone and see it in action for yourself. 

Press all the options when you click that link to see how it works. Your new landing page will look just like that page you land on.

I can also change the text, layout and background image to fit your line of business totally free if needed. I can even run a free A/B test on your new page for free so you get the best results from your advertising budget. 

Leaving me to do this for you is worth £1000 easily. You get my deep domain knowledge for free because I really want to help you and I strongly believe if I look after you then you will stay on my team for a long time. I’m not here to date you. I want a strong long lasting relationship with you and your business so we can grow together for many years to come. 

I can even make your new landing page convert more people by adding a compelling video if you wish. Still don’t have a compelling sales video? I can even make you a powerful video for a small fee of £297. Do you have your own video already? All you need to do is send me the embed code to get you started. Or you can send me the video link and I can do the work for you at no extra cost. 

This tool will 100% make you a killing if you actually solve a problem or offer something good in return for the email address. I can give you your very own URL to a page like this one within two hours flat from receiving your payment. 

Rather have this built into your website? I can give you the new code for your new landing page within two hours so you can add it to your website yourself. I can even send you a video on this after I receive your payment.

After you get the real email they use you can get a bigger return on investment when doing email advertising in 2016 and many years to come. Remember, some industries will only burn themselves out if they never grow year after year with ever diminishing costs. This software will help you fix this problem fast. The faster you buy this, the faster you start saving money.

Q:? Did you know over 60% of emails sent are now open on mobile? This data will only grow year after year. This data is why you need the real email address they use daily. I can put you on the front line of this trend today so you can milk all the profits this tool will bring you.

Q:? Do you sell via email? Do you use your email list to send people back to your blog or social media channels? If you said yes then this must have tool is 100% for you.

Remember, social media is never a safe place to keep all your customers.

I totally agree that social media platforms can help you grow your business fast, but you also need to understand that all social platforms can stop your organic reach or close your page at any given moment.  Social platforms change the rules when they see the data they build is going to affect the profits and the people using the platform.

Getting your fans and customers real email can help protect you from problems we all face like this online.  Getting the real email address they use and not a fake one will keep you safe from some of the digital trends that can kill your business overnight. Getting the real email they use daily will keep you even safer so you never upset the mail senders that dislike low email open rates.

I promise you right now that this tool will keep you and your business ahead of the game in 2016 and many years to come. Talk to me today so I can build you your very own high converting landing page like mine that you can promote online to your target market and milk all the profits before the big boys come and use it.

“It is not the strongest that survive in business, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Get ready to make the change today and thank me when you see your ROI.


How much is this?

I only charge a small yearly fee of £500 to use this must have tool.

This small fee will give you five free changes to your page yearly. If for any reason you want to add some new text, background image, or a new video then this change is free five times only in one given year. Anything after five will then cost you £30 for each page change.

Please note that every year after this you only get five free changes on every renewal. Next year this offer will go away and the price will go up significantly.

Everybody that gets in now will only get charged £20 for each change in the second year when everyone next year that gets in will get charged £50 for any change and only get two free changes.

If for some reason in the future technology changes effect your new sales capture page then I can do the necessary changes you need totally free for being part of my team.

I can build you a powerful landing page and add your very own video today so you can really impress your peers and show off your high converting landing page. All you need to do is promote your new link or website URL with the right code on to the right people and start converting them like mad. I even have some free must know tips for marketing your new link online here for you.

Do you get stuck when it comes to code?

I can set this up for you and add your new landing page to your website totally free when you buy this today. Don’t have a website yet? I can build you a new lead capture page and even host your new capture page at no extra cost when you hire this from me today so you never have to worry about extra bills that eat away your business profits. How can you say no to this offer?

All you need to do is promote your new link or website URL on any network like Facebook or Google to your target market and start to build a strong buyers list. I can send you some free training worth over £3,000 on this after you buy this from me so you never have to worry about doing it wrong.

My free training is worth more than the small price you pay for this tool. This amazing offer is value at its best. Remember, just having me on your team is invaluable to your business. How much is that worth to you alone? All this for only £500 is a steal. I charge £3000 just to talk to me.

Do you dislike the thought of me having your website login details?

If you dislike the thought of me having your login details then you can easily download a plugging called ( “Per Page Head” by Erik von Asmuth ) and I can give you the finished landing page code so you can add the code yourself in 20 seconds or less so you can start crushing it online in 2016. I can email you a sixty second video on how to do this when we talk over the phone or via email. Or you can leave it to me if you wish.

After you buy this you can track all your new emails collected inside your free mail-chimp account you need to sign up for right now or after I build your new page. I need you to do this so I can integrate this into the page so you can relax and sleep at night in your nice warm bed knowing everything is automated. I would really enjoy helping you.

Put me to the test right now and thank yourself later when you see the results you get from my service.

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Please note I read over 80 full non-fiction books every year on business, marketing & psychology I also read over 1300 blog posts and listen to over 200 podcasts. I also watch over 500 videos every year on this stuff. Did you know I get head hunted all the time by some of the best businesses in the world that I must turn away? Being on my team will eat them inside for sure. 


You must be quick! First come first serve as my time is limited.

You can call or text me right now on the number below and ask me any questions you wish about this must have tool before you buy if you like.

Text the word “op-tin ” to my number below. After you send me this message so I can put you next in line to call you back. 

You might have to wait about 24 hours for me to get started if that phone number is off. If it rings then you only have to wait two hours for me to get you up and running.

You can use any contact form on this page 24/7 to ask your questions before you buy my service. 

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Talk soon.

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