The Impact of Screens Before Sleep

The Impact of Screens Before Sleep – Photons

The impact of screens on sleep is never good for anyone. Mobile phones and basically anything that is screen related will always have a bad effect on your health and stress you out if you spend too much time using them. And if you want to succeed in business and life then this blog post can help you a little with time.

People, especially younger people are now exposing their eyes more than ever before to the stream of photons from mobile devices that basically tell your brain to stay awake.

Personally I believe this is one of the main reasons people are not having a good night sleep anymore, and too many photons being exposed to the eyes can have a massive effect on the daily tasks in people’s lives with the day to day things.

Basically the light and photons in the screen is telling the brain of the human to stay awake, and it’s telling your brain it’s still not time for sleep yet. Do you ever find yourself flicking from network to network and website to website and ever wonder how time quickly passes without you even knowing it? Well this is why it’s happening because you’re sucked into something the human brain was never built to do. It’s like fear, thousands of years ago the brain was built to be worried about survival and dinosaurs. But now people get worried about debt and bills so the brain is doing new things as we change and most don’t even know it.

The photons in screens are like a drug to the brain, so next time you see a drug user ask yourself this question. (Are you up all night looking on your phone? ) If so I think you might need help.

Personally I think the only difference between a drug user and the photons is this, one is legal and the other one is not.

I’m no rocket scientist I’ll admit that now, but it don’t take a genius to work this out and look at the bigger picture when it comes to bad habits of the world people face day to day from the things that blind them.

I did some research into this before I started to write this article, and I found out that scientist now know what sleep is likely doing to humans when we sleep. Its good to sleep because sleep is letting the active neurons to rest. Letting the neurons rest is good, but more than that the supportive cells called the “glial cells” are now active cleaning up the toxins that the neurons produced. Don’t ask me what glial cells are because I’m just as confused as you. Below is a video I found that tells you more about the brain neurones if you’re interested to know more.

P.s. I highly recommend you watch this video so you can see and get a better understanding of what the neurones do to humans so you can live a better life style.


If you don’t get seven to nine hours sleep a day, but you only get five hours from your busy days or late nights because of the phone that is sucking you in, then the toxins remain there for over 95% of people.

(It’s like your best friend on a sunday morning, he/she will just stay on that sofa until he/she is all fixed up and ready to go)

5% of humans are genetically different and they don’t need as much as the 95% and from my own research the 95% of people who only have five hours sleep and think its cool really need to know the problems they face from trying to be like the 5% is bad for them.

Lack of sleep will make your attention falter, your memory is impaired, your ability to think through problems is challenged, the insulin that helps your metabolism is turned upside down so you’re more likely to gain weight from what you eat. So before you blame the body for not paying off from your hard work of eating good, ask yourself this. Am I stressed? Am I not sleeping good? Am I single and need a man/woman in my life? And if you think that was bad then this is what else I found. Its actually toxic to the connections in yourself.

So now you want my view and tips? 

1. Prioritize sleep.

2. Keep away from screens after 8-9 pm.

3. 1 Hour before bed give them phones a rest for the night.

4. This next step is simple. Learn to filter problems so you never get stressed. 

5. And the last one is easy. Get your ass on some dating sites and get some fun in your life.