25 Tips For Marketing Your Business

25 Tips For Marketing Your Business

This easy and effective list should help your sales that little bit more.

1. Use odd numbers like 17.9% or top 7 tips. People trust and like this more.

2. Advertising to everyone is never the best solution. This can cost you money.

3. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if you can’t get the attention of people with your marketing then your screwed. We think headlines eat 80% of your marketing budget.

4. Write your blog content for your audience. Put people in the right mood so they take action.

5. Don’t just say things like download. Tell them why they need to download or buy it. People need a good reason. Example. For a faster download experience. Or, for less lag time download this app. Test and see what works for you.

6. People like to do business with people like them. Use people like them in ads and see if you get a better return. Or use a monkey and see if that works better.

7. Try to leave fancy writing out of designs that don’t need them. It’s also hard for people to read. Quality is dictated by the viewer not the poster.

8. Landing pages should match your ad. Don’t send people to your homepage unless that’s what you need to do.

9. Quotes online should reflect your business, pain, and feelings of your fans.

10. When targeting people during office hours you may want to use images. Most people can’t watch videos during office hours.

11. Never say thanks. Say thank you and use real names.

12. Try to give people something they can feel and take away when they buy something from you. People love to own a real item. That’s why you see people offering a DVD set and not a PDF set sometimes. Offer both can sometimes work.

13. Be unique. People will spot this and like it.

14. People like to know what other people do. Let people know what you do with live updates from your location.

15. Emotions sell if the ad is done correctly. Emotions are key in advertising.

16. Talk to people like they already own it. Don’t say would you like one. Say what one would you be interested in?

17. Do not talk about how good the price is. Talk about what is can do and why your service or product is better or more useful.

18. People don’t always go for the cheapest thing. Some people only buy from a brand they trust and know. Some people don’t like cheap. Some people like high price tags. Please buy some books on pricing and watch your sales go up if you sell something worth buying.

19. Sometimes £49,99 will convert in more sales than £49,96. Sound crazy? Well it works. People are attached to the number 99.

20. Sometimes down to £7 from £10 is better than down from £10 down to £6,99. People like to see one number on price drops. Test and see what works for you. Awkward numbers can annoy people because they don’t really want to stand in the shop adding things up. Sometimes it’s good to leave out the pound sign too. People read from left to right. This trick can make people spend more. Please test this as it don’t work with every business.

21. Naturally tell people how highly trained you or your staff are. People buy this.

22. Short copy and long copy in sales can go two ways. You need to test this from day one. Short copy isn’t always the best. Don’t be fooled by this.

23. Odd numbers usually perform better than even.

24. Content creates amazing conversion opportunities. Write lots it. Every blog post is a sales page.

25. Free doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes people are not thinking about free stuff. Some people want the best and are ready to pay the price.