How To Get More From Your Business

How To Get More From Your Business. 1. Train your staff. Train your staff, clients and colleagues to ask for referrals. People forget how important this is. 2. Pay Per Referral Most people don’t work for nothing. Asking for referrals is easier if you offer them a percentage for each referral someone sends your way. It’s […]

10 Amazing Online Business Tips

1. The more you tell, the more you sell. Inform people about your product and industry. 2. We pay your shipping is better than free shipping. 3. Stop informing people with information they have already heard before. 4. Loyalty cards work wonders. Offer discount codes for your online website too. 5. Have lots of photos and video on Twitter […]

10 Amazing Website Tips

10 Amazing Website Tips 1. It’s not what can you advertise on your website, it’s what do your customers need. 2. Make sure you know every word on your website. It’s your responsibility to keep information correct and clear. 3. Two things I really like people to learn. 1. How to get traffic. 2. How to convert traffic into buyers. Please concentrate […]