5 Must Have Apps For Businesses In 2018 – FREE

5 Must Have Apps For Businesses In 2018 – FREE.

Below are 5 Must Have Apps For Businesses In 2018 – FREE

Social media can take hours of your day without you even knowing it. Below are some amazing must have apps to help you get over this problem. Activity does not grow a business, productivity does. This list will save you time and money.

1. HootSuite.


2. Crowdfireapp.com/


3. Instagram.com


4. Buffer.


5. Canva.com

Canva is a cool App for iPad. Not yet on smartphones. This might change so I highly recommend using desktop for designs. Canva could be the difference from your success or failure for getting more shares online. Design speak louder than words.

Bonus tip. Don’t ask questions in scheduled tweets when you’re sleeping. Users don’t like to wait nine hours for a reply. Say please re-tweet. Something that never bothers the user by keeping them hanging on. You need to keep your reputation up.

How To Get More From Your Business

How To Get More From Your Business.

1. Train your staff.

Train your staff, clients and colleagues to ask for referrals. People forget how important this is.

2. Pay Per Referral

Most people don’t work for nothing. Asking for referrals is easier if you offer them a percentage for each referral someone sends your way. It’s like having free staff.

3. Offer staff a percentage.

You can even offer your staff a percentage for the referrals they get you outside work. Your staff will probably work smarter if they know they get a percentage for every successful sale they bring your business.

4. Give them the option.

Let’s say you give your staff 20% from a £200 sale they make. Now they make an extra £40 right? Now give your staff the option to give away 50% of the 20% they make if they ever need or want to. Why do that you may ask? This trick can sometimes help win over new customers who really want your product or service but might only have £180 for your £200 product. Now your staff can lower the price for them so they still get the sale.

5. Offer a guarantee.

If you can’t afford to drop the price, then try offer a free guarantee for your product worth the amount you think it’s worth. For example. Three months extra worth £70. This can help keep your competitors away too.

6. Payment options.

Establish a credit card payment option for clients. I even recommend PayPal as some customers would rather this option. The sound of handing over bank details online can sometimes be a high risk if you land in the wrong place. PayPal will help you win over some of the customers that want something you offer but will only use PayPal because they feel it’s safer.

7. Give discounts.

Give regular clients a discount to show your appreciation. Eg. Coffee shops loyalty cards. Buy six get the seventh free. Buy the book called “smart pricing” on this. The wrong discounts to the wrong market can cost you your business and time.

8. Thank people.

Take five or ten minutes out of a day to thank clients. Sending one Email to say thank you will never be as touching as a phone call or a thank you card.

Most people still pick email as it’s time and cost saving. Myself I think you should make it memorable. You can even pay staff to call customers and get them to say the owner has asked me to call you to say thank you for your loyalty, this way gives you freedom to work on bigger jobs. Or you can say it in a video and show you do take time away to thank your customers. Let me ask you something. Can you remember what you posted on Facebook 4 weeks ago? I doubt it. Make it memorable. 🙂

9. Get them out.

Business cards aren’t working for you if they’re in the box. Give them out and pass prospects two business cards each time, one to keep and one to pass along. This comes down to your training. You need to train yourself and staff to ask for referrals. Like I said at the beginning of this blog, people don’t work for nothing. Make it easier by offering that percentage.

10. Don’t forget the buzzwords.

We get great deal of work from referrals. Here are two business cards. We would really like it if you could help us. This is not very exciting right? But if I said. Did you know we pay 20% for every referral ? It’s like owning 20% of this business for free. This is a lot more exciting.

10 Amazing Online Business Tips

1. The more you tell, the more you sell. Inform people about your product and industry.

2. We pay your shipping is better than free shipping.

3. Stop informing people with information they have already heard before.

4. Loyalty cards work wonders. Offer discount codes for your online website too.

5. Have lots of photos and video on Twitter & Facebook. Please try to have more than 50 posts on each page. Users will trust you more. Put your website link in your bio. Do this for all social media platforms. This helps with your SEO too.

6. People buy experience and value.

7. Test all the leading social media platforms and double down on the one that drives the most sales. Clicks are not good. Sales you want. Don’t be fooled by only wanting clicks.

8. Have a real address on your website so you can get a second listing in search engines. This is good for your websites SEO ranking too.

9. Having a video on your website gets you another listing. This is good for your SEO. People and Google love videos.

10. Your videos must give value or tell a story. Videos that keep hitting people with sales will quickly push them away. Give them a reason in your ad why they need what you offer. Go to this site to learn more about writing copy and sells. http://www.copyblogger.com

10 Amazing Website Tips

10 Amazing Website Tips

1. It’s not what can you advertise on your website, it’s what do your customers need.

2. Make sure you know every word on your website. It’s your responsibility to keep information correct and clear.

3. Two things I really like people to learn. 1. How to get traffic. 2. How to convert traffic into buyers. Please concentrate on this.

4. Make sure every page on your website has a purpose.

5. Deliver high quality content every time. The benefits are rewarding.

6. Make sure your visitors know what your website is about within five seconds.

7. Keep things fresh. Let people know you’re keeping track of the latest content, news and laws. Stay consistent at all times.

8. Every page and “Call To Action” needs to be easy to navigate. Use clickable options too. People like interactive websites. This can drive up sales too.

9. Get to know your readers and customers on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Emails. You can use YouTube too. Send people videos to keep readers and customers interested so it keeps yourself interesting.

10. Use a premium theme. Free themes are free for a reason. They just don’t work as good.


How To Protect Your Online Reputation

How To Protect Your Online Reputation

Tip #1 – Spamming people.

Stop spamming people with sales in your Emails you send. Your Emails must give value to customers. Stick to this simple tip and you will probably find most of your email subscribers will stay with you.

Tip #2 – 80/20 Rule.

I’m guessing you worked hard to build your list. So try the 80/20 rule. Email 20% sales and email 80% information that’s valuable to your subscribers. Or 70/20/10 – 10% is other peoples work.

Tip #3 – Track yourself.

Google your own business weekly and find out if people are talking about your business. If you do a good job you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem.

Tip #4 – Ignore rude people.

Some people online will try bring your success down to make them feel better.

Tip #5 – Don’t be negative.

People are very quick to discuss something negative online. A good story gets told once, and a bad story gets told ten times. This saying is correct as the human mind is naturally tuned into trying it’s best to tell the world about a problem they’ve come across. Don’t let that be you.

Tip #6 – Control is you.

Your business is a very high risk online. Why?  Your business is open to the world, and the world can post and say what they like about you.

You have no control over other people’s actions. The control is in your post. It’s down to you or your team to post the right content to viewers every time. My tip here is very simple. Have a policy for your online activity.

Tip #7 – Risk.

This amazing tip for negative comments will help reduce your risk. If someone tweets you something that you did wrong then work the reply out as a team. Don’t let someone work the reply out for themselves.

Tip #8 – Spot it.

You might not spot something in your reply right now but a member of your team might spot what’s going to happen next as they see the bigger picture.

This easy policy probably just saved your business from getting a PR NIGHTMARE. The wrong reply could go viral and crash your reputation overnight.