1. The more you tell, the more you sell. Inform people about your product and industry.

2. We pay your shipping is better than free shipping.

3. Stop informing people with information they have already heard before.

4. Loyalty cards work wonders. Offer discount codes for your online website too.

5. Have lots of photos and video on Twitter & Facebook. Please try to have more than 50 posts on each page. Users will trust you more. Put your website link in your bio. Do this for all social media platforms. This helps with your SEO too.

6. People buy experience and value.

7. Test all the leading social media platforms and double down on the one that drives the most sales. Clicks are not good. Sales you want. Don’t be fooled by only wanting clicks.

8. Have a real address on your website so you can get a second listing in search engines. This is good for your websites SEO ranking too.

9. Having a video on your website gets you another listing. This is good for your SEO. People and Google love videos.

10. Your videos must give value or tell a story. Videos that keep hitting people with sales will quickly push them away. Give them a reason in your ad why they need what you offer. Go to this site to learn more about writing copy and sells. https://www.copyblogger.com