10 Amazing Website Tips

1. It’s not what can you advertise on your website, it’s what do your customers need.

2. Make sure you know every word on your website. It’s your responsibility to keep information correct and clear.

3. Two things I really like people to learn. 1. How to get traffic. 2. How to convert traffic into buyers. Please concentrate on this.

4. Make sure every page on your website has a purpose.

5. Deliver high quality content every time. The benefits are rewarding.

6. Make sure your visitors know what your website is about within five seconds.

7. Keep things fresh. Let people know you’re keeping track of the latest content, news and laws. Stay consistent at all times.

8. Every page and “Call To Action” needs to be easy to navigate. Use clickable options too. People like interactive websites. This can drive up sales too.

9. Get to know your readers and customers on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Emails. You can use YouTube too. Send people videos to keep readers and customers interested so it keeps yourself interesting.

10. Use a premium theme. Free themes are free for a reason. They just don’t work as good.