How To Protect Your Online Reputation

Tip #1 – Spamming people.

Stop spamming people with sales in your Emails you send. Your Emails must give value to customers. Stick to this simple tip and you will probably find most of your email subscribers will stay with you.

Tip #2 – 80/20 Rule.

I’m guessing you worked hard to build your list. So try the 80/20 rule. Email 20% sales and email 80% information that’s valuable to your subscribers. Or 70/20/10 – 10% is other peoples work.

Tip #3 – Track yourself.

Google your own business weekly and find out if people are talking about your business. If you do a good job you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem.

Tip #4 – Ignore rude people.

Some people online will try bring your success down to make them feel better.

Tip #5 – Don’t be negative.

People are very quick to discuss something negative online. A good story gets told once, and a bad story gets told ten times. This saying is correct as the human mind is naturally tuned into trying it’s best to tell the world about a problem they’ve come across. Don’t let that be you.

Tip #6 – Control is you.

Your business is a very high risk online. Why?  Your business is open to the world, and the world can post and say what they like about you.

You have no control over other people’s actions. The control is in your post. It’s down to you or your team to post the right content to viewers every time. My tip here is very simple. Have a policy for your online activity.

Tip #7 – Risk.

This amazing tip for negative comments will help reduce your risk. If someone tweets you something that you did wrong then work the reply out as a team. Don’t let someone work the reply out for themselves.

Tip #8 – Spot it.

You might not spot something in your reply right now but a member of your team might spot what’s going to happen next as they see the bigger picture.

This easy policy probably just saved your business from getting a PR NIGHTMARE. The wrong reply could go viral and crash your reputation overnight.