10 Amazing Website Tips

10 Amazing Website Tips

Website Tip. 1.
Take more time researching keywords for your S.E.O. Don’t rush this.

Website Tip. 2.
Scale back on the length of content. Give a free E-book or tips sheet to get people’s emails and build trust.

Website Tip. 3.
Test your call to action. Change the colors, text, and the placement of the text.

Website Tip. 4.
Try change the placement of the image and layout of your site. You might find you get more sales if they placement is moved around.

Website Tip. 5.
Use good headlines. How to headlines are good as people search this everyday in google. If you have the answer they need, then this will give you the chance to sell to them. Every post you do is like having a new sales pages that could drive more sales.

Website Tip. 6.
Don’t show new prices to old buyers. They will Get annoyed.

Website Tip. 7.
Have only one call to action to get the best results.

Website Tip. 8.
Leave your website url address in your voice mail.

Website Tip. 9.
Try to get everyone you meet to follow you on Facebook and Twitter. People who know and have met you will feel a part of that page.

Website Tip. 10.
Try and have a video on your homepage letting people know what you do. This can drive up sales.