8 Twitter Marketing Tips

1. Don’t tweet more than three times an hour. Unless you’re having a conversation.

2. Tweet news in a whole new way.

3. Stop talking about yourself. Only talk about awards or news.

4. People love stats.

5. Around 30% of tweets don’t even get clicked but people will re-tweet it or like it because of the great headline.

6. Build your tweets and statuses like a pro. Things like. Please Retweet. How to make. Check this out. Don’t be too spammy.

7. Your website works for itself. It’s down to you to make your social media work. Tweet and reply daily if you can. Hoot-Suite and Buffer will save time on getting your news out.
Please go and sign-up to HootSuite or Buffer before you regret spending  all day online.

8. Don’t only put an image of your office or building online. Use people and mix things up. Let people know it’s a real business.