10 Video Marketing Tips

10 Amazing video marketing tips for business owners.

1. Have a really catchy thumbnail on your videos. Please look on YouTube for new ideas.

2. A thumbnail is the image someone will see before the video plays.

3. As soon as someone sees and likes the look of your thumbnail, the video should do its job after they click watch. Now your video is working for you.

4. This killer tip is amazing when doing video headlines. Ready for it? Use a hash tag in the headline. Example below. Example. (Social Media Tips #1) (Social Media Tips #2) or (Social Media Tips Part 1) (Social Media Tips Part 2)

5. This simple idea tells the viewers you have more videos. Now the viewers will want to view the rest if they like your work.

6. The hash tags also tell the viewer what video they left off at. If for some reason they need to come back later to view more videos they can now easily remember the video because of the numbers.

7. This simple trick gets your part two video views up too.

8. If you got Google Ad Sense linked to your YouTube videos you can make more money from the second video as you now get more hits.

9. The more good videos you have, the more sales you get.

10. Use people like your customers in your videos. Some people only like to do business with people like them.