Q: What is SEO? A: SEO is known as Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO

Q: What is SEO ?

A: SEO is the name given to improve search engine rankings online so you can get more visits to a website page.  

Google use the data from your search to help improve the search engine results for other people just like you that search for the same topic.

People that own a website or online business should keep up-to date with google’s algorithm changes.

Keeping up to date with google’s algorithm change will help your website rank high in the search engines. When you rank high in the search engines you get more free traffic. Your free websites traffic from good SEO can then be converted into new sales or leads for your business. Now you know why some websites make £0 and others make millions of pounds.

The danger of not keeping up-to date with the Google algorithm changes.

Not keeping up to date with the algorithm can sometimes crush a business overnight. Google dislike websites that take a long time to load. Google also dislike non mobile friendly websites. Your website should be mobile friendly if you want to get more free traffic and sales.

A slow websites can be moved down to the second page of google if the data being sent back to Google from the searches people like you and me make show that people never stay on the website page that takes a long time to load or people are leaving the website because your website isn’t user friendly.

All data Google build is be part of the old or new SEO and algorithm updates they make. When they do a new update people like me and you should stick to it if we want to rank higher up the page results of Google.

Google usually rank fast loading mobile friendly websites that have the right SEO and information on them. 

If a fast mobile friendly website with the right information and SEO is showing google that people really like the page they found then this can do your website or website owner good as Google love to rank pages like this.

Google also rank websites by seeing how long a user hangs around on the website and how many links from other websites are pointing back to that website or page.

Google also have many other ways they keep a secret because some bad people will try trick the robots they use that track all this data. One way they might rank a website page is by seeing the comments on that post the user is reading.

Mobile friendly websites can get higher rankings in search engines.

The reason mobile friendly websites get higher rankings is because people like a good user experience when shopping or reading online. If Google rank bad websites then people will never come back to use Google. That only costs Google money if people never come back. Google will 100%  punish websites that annoy the user and try to trick them. I can help you with all this so you never have to worry about this problem.


It’s a good idea for all business owners and SEO teams to read Google’s new algorithm updates regular as this can affect a websites ranking if they require you to update a new change you ignore. Not tracking the guidelines can really hurt your profits.

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