Below are some of my best books for entrepreneurs & marketers for 2018.

The right books will always pay the best interest in your life. 

Below are some of my highly recommended books for entrepreneurs & marketers. All books are affiliate links so I do make some small fee if you use them to buy the books.

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This copy below might help some of you from getting ripped off from the bad guys.

The Writer was “Dr Robert C Worstell”.

I got the book on the Apple iBooks store. “How To Write Ads That Get The Sale”.  I tried to find the book online. No joy sorry. The cover looks like this.

“When you see someone who is arrogant, and preaches arrogance as a success route, you know he’s ready to fail and take you with him. Because arrogance won’t make any long-term success. Success is built on making everyone around you successful. Ray Kroc (McDonald’s) and Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) made more people into millionaires than they could count.
They aren’t the only ones. You can just see their backstory easier.
Being the best of the best – and not letting anyone else shine as bright as you – is the sure route to failure.
When you can take a person apart and see the brilliant facade built on fakery – that’s when you know that everyone that person mentions is just another fake.”

“Here’s the secret that made this one person rich:
In any area, you can sell more training than you can anything else.
Because most people won’t carry through on your lessons – and will be buying book after book, course after course, webinar after webinar.
That’s where the real money is. That’s what made one guy rich.”

“To succeed in any MLM, you ”

“nearly have to join a cult. (There are some few which are decent and don’t depend on this.)

Up to this point, it’s meant a personal belief system which you “infect” others to believe in as much as you. And then get them to infect others the same way. Starting with friends and family.

Nothing has the failure rate that MLM has as a single industry. Because the few who can really motivate masses to follow their lead are just one in a million.

Network Marketing is built on the backs of people who want to start a home business, but don’t have a clue. (Not that it can’t be done, but this industry is led by the blind.)”

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