Radio Advertising Cardiff & South Wales

Radio Advertising in Cardiff 2020.

Working with us will give you that unfair advantage when it comes to radio advertising in Cardiff or South Wales in 2020.

Radio Advertising Cardiff   

We can do all the hard work for your business from start to finish so you can relax and enjoy doing the things you do. 

Having your very own powerful radio commercial can really take your business to the next level because people trust the radio.

Before you go ahead and advertise on the radio stations in Cardiff or South Wales, your business will need a compelling commercial that sticks in the mind of the listeners so they remember you for a very long time. 

I have many secrets for getting listeners to remember your business so you never need to worry about this problem. 

Q: Can you handle the extra work from a radio commercial? 

Do you think for any reason your business or reputation might be crushed from the amount of work a radio commercial can potentially bring your business?

Your business might need a radio commercial that isn’t that powerful at first so your business can grow without the danger of upsetting new or potential customers that need your service quickly.

PS. I can always make you a new commercial when your business is ready to take on a larger market. We can talk more about this when we discuss your needs over the first phone meeting we have. You can use the form below to arrange this meeting with me 24/7.

Most radio commercials suck!

Most radio commercials suck because the business owner writes his or her own commercial without getting the advice from a professional marketing consultant that has deep domain knowledge from day one.

Did you know that some business owners could 3x or even 5x the return spent on advertising if they only knew some of the biggest mistakes they make when going live on air? 

You need to remember that quality is always dictated by the listeners and not the poster. I can fix this problem for you quickly.

Powerful tip for radio advertising.

Every word you say releases different chemicals in the brain. Each chemical needs to release in the right order to get the call to action you want. Doing this backwards will cost you a significant amount of money that could have increased your income. Cool tip right? You can have that tip for free.

Before I design your radio commercial I first need to look at the psycho-graphics of your potential customer so I can write the best ad copy for your business from day one.

About me:

Hi, my name is Marc Carey, and I specialise in marketing. I also read over 50 non-fiction books every year so I can help people like you win more space.

Below is also a quick price list you might like to see so you can find the right budget for your business advertising needs.

Price List: 

Radio Commercials. Thirty second radio ads from only £499

I also make you a free ten-second commercial with this small price for all the small slots the large stations I work with require you to have before going live on air.

DIY Consulting. £599

My time is very tight right now. My consulting fee is to only talk to me about your ad and secrets you need to know before you go live. This fee is free when you go ahead and hire me to design your radio commercial. 

This small fee could make or save you £10,000 before you even start advertising your business.

All In. £3000

Would you like me to do all the work for you? I can build your radio commercial and put your radio commercial on air within four weeks flat from today for a small fee of £3000.

I can do all the telephone calls and business meetings for you too. This price do include the two radio commercials you require. You must note that this price doesn’t include the radio station fee to go live on air. See below to see this fee. 

Below is a quick price list to go on air with some of the biggest stations in Cardiff or South Wales. 


Q: How much does radio advertising cost in Cardiff & South Wales?

A: Radio advertising in Cardiff & South Wales can cost you around £1997 per month for a small package.

This price will get your ad around forty to sixty slots in one month.

A minimum of three months is required for all radio commercials.

Larger packages cost around £10,000 to £12,000 per month. The larger packages are for taking your business to a whole new level so you need to take this slow as this could hurt your business.

You can arrange your free telephone meeting with me by filling out this very easy form below if you need your very own radio commercial.

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Click send if you want me to help you with radio advertising in Cardiff & South Wales. 

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