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People skim headlines and text. Start everything with a strong intro sentence.

You should write 10 to 25 headlines so you can start the deep thinking in the brain.

This gives you more chance of success for finding the best headline. Please AB test the ones you think will work best before you spend money on advertising. 

Your headline will determine whether or not people will want to read your posts or click the links. 

People skim copy just like they do headlines. Have your power words at the beginning and at the end of your headline.

Have you Included keywords within your headline? Google use this to see what your post is about. This can rank your page higher. 

Do your headlines and posts contain the phrases people may use when searching online? Build for users not Google. 

Are you using headlines in the first body of your blog posts? If yes, have you included any keywords? Google place more emphasis on keywords that are larger in font size.

Use headlines that solve the users problem and give them a solution at the same time. You start off stronger by doing this. The headline is the only thing people see. Make it good so they funnel through your system.

When you advertise, you need to use good headlines and photos. You need to remember that some of the headlines you use to grab the users attention will never be the same headlines users will search for when searching on search engines. 

Example for headlines. (7 Marketing tips for advertising) That’s not really that good. Now try this. (7 Marketing tips that will 100% change the way you do business this year) See how the second headline targets business owners and tells a story. 

Let people know what they’re about to read or watch in your headline. 

Give them a reason to read or watch it. 

Let people know what to expect every time or they will lose trust in you.

Headlines should tell a story.

Don’t spend lots of money on trial and error when you can pay somebody that knows the answers. The only time you should spend money on trial and error is when you run AB tests before you think about spending big money on advertising to see what works best.

Example. Spent £20 on testing headlines, and then spend £500 on the ad that gives you the best return. If £500 from the good headline makes you £5000, but £500 on a bad headline only makes you £1100, then that £20 is money well spent for testing don’t you think.

Try use less than six words in headlines.

Try to keep headlines under 60 characters.

Email subject lines use 28 to 39 characters for a better ROI.

B2B HEADLINES – 11-15 words is the ideal message length for Twitter messages to businesses.

Use a headline that draws attention. Your headline will help decide weather a visitor will stay to learn more or move on.

Headlines should focus on how your company brand meets the needs of your customer.

A sub headline can provide more details about how your company fulfils the statement and promise of your headline.

You can start new posts on your blog with, how to, why your still, why this, top 10 and top 3.

The word ( This ) is one of the most important words used in headlines.

The most popular words in viral headlines are. ( The – A – This – To – You – Is – Of – In – And ) 

You can try headlines like. You wouldn’t believe this. The last picture broke my heart. Here’s how to. They all make the user want to click and find out the rest. Make sure you have something worth seeing or your trust will be lost.  

Use headlines that people know you like. Example. My favourite quote is number #5. People like to know what you like.

The key to advertising is the words and images you use. The headlines are the key to the lock.

Videos should never be at the top of the headline in blogs. Put the headline first.

Headlines in blogs and ads are worth more than 80% of your advertising budget. Don’t get this wrong. Buy some books on this. 

When doing blog headlines you should capitals the first letter of words. Eg. (How to Write Effective Headlines) 

Avoid words that have the same meaning when marketing. 

A headline I like is this. ( 5 Shocking facts that will ) This is a good headline for when you do facts on social media for your fun fact day if you business likes this sort of social media posts. 

If you got a blog, then you can try put the headline words in your image to save space. People look at the image before anything els. Have your power words here to suck them in.

Avoid having ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on a subconscious level.

Keep headlines easy to read and understandable. Try not to use hard to understand words. Stick to grade 7 level unless your market are doctors and so on.

Leave the fancy writing out. It’s never recommended as it’s hard to read.

Headlines should be targeted to your market not the world.

Never do blind headlines. Always tell people what it is so you keep the trust.

Are you a new blogger writing about things? I highly recommend you do your homework before you write about something. This could cost you your reputation. 

When you write a power word, you should always look for a better power word to use.

You never get your headlines 100%. It takes a small bit of changing and moving around to know what works. It’s natural to do this so never worry.

Has your headline got this before you post your headline to the world.

A need.



Want or desire.

Factual news or interest.

Solve a questions.  

Don’t use a headline like (How to save 15%) Use something like (How to save 15% before the dec 15th) This will give a getter ROI. People panic more when they know it’s something that will run out.

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