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Q: Did you know most people search on mobile then buy from a desktop?

Data  like this is why you need this tool I have for you if you hire me to help you get sales online.

1. This tool I have for you will save you a significant amount of money when advertising online.

2. This tool is the most cutting-edge software on the market right now.

3. This tool can help stop fake/secondary emails getting onto your email list.

Read below to see the damage fake emails are doing to you and your business. 

  1.  Fake or secondary emails will cost your business a significant amount of money.
  2. Fake or secondary emails will give your business a low email open rate that mail senders hate.
  3. Fake or secondary emails can hurt your business as the emails you send might end up in your customers junk folder. This can really hurt your sales as people use the inbox more than the junk folder.
  4. This asset you build can even be sold separately with your business. As online advertising costs increase your email list is worth more as your new email list will grow with compounding interest year after year because your advertising costs are reduced dramatically when you build your very own buyers list.

Social media is never a safe place to keep all your customers.

I totally agree that social media platforms can help you grow your business fast… but you also need to understand that all social platforms can stop your organic reach or close your page at any given moment.

Social platforms change the rules when they see the data they build is going to affect the profits and the people using the platform.

“It’s not the strongest that survive in business, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

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