How to market a restaurant online

How to market a restaurant online

20 Restaurant Marketing Tips

How to market a restaurant online fast.

20 Powerful Restaurant Marketing tips/tricks that actually work in 2018. 

Restaurant Marketing Ideas
Restaurant Marketing Ideas that work in 2018.


Below are some of my most powerful restaurant marketing ideas and secrets that can help you grow your new or old restaurant online faster in 2018.

NOTE: I did hide some little known restaurant marketing tricks to drive up your sales into the copy below for you.

Dig them all out and start to use them today to explode your online marketing efforts. PS. Please take my FREE £997 guide at the end of this post too. My free guide will will show you some ways to get free website traffic.




1. Have a functional website.

People’s attention span is decreasing as technology is becoming more advanced. Keep up with the technology trends and have a website for your restaurant if you want to see more bookings. If you need me to build you a website then please visit this page.

2. Run some contests.

This can be good for brand awareness that can lead to new business and also help you build a big email list you can send offers to.

You should always get the email address when doing your own contests. If you need to run a contest then I have some amazing software for this here that can help you.

PS. All my customers get to use all of my software & tools I use for free when they hire me to do it.

3. Build all your local SEO practices.

Local SEO is your best friend when it comes to marketing a restaurant online. Work on this step first as SEO can take some time to see good results.

4. Offer free wifi.

Ask for the customers email in return for access to your free wifi. This email list can then be used to send offers so you can bring them customers back to your restaurant. You must tell people you might send them offers befire they access your wifi. You must get them to agree first. You must tell people this first before they access your wifi network to keep you safe.

5. Ask or pay your local food bloggers for a mention.

Local food bloggers are always happy to help out if you offer something in return. One free meal for two might get you 20 new customers.

6. Get your very own online restaurant reservation tool.

Having your very own reservation tool can reduce the load from your team and save you valuable time. Search online for reservation tools in your price range.

7. Build your own email list.

Building your very own email list can be used for many things. You can send them offers and even ask them to join your fan page to get special weekly offers. You can get a free mail chimp account that holds your emails you collect here.

8. Use compelling copy that sells.

Stop being boring. Use words that get the customers hungry. Words like sizzling & mouth watering all help convert people into new customers.

9. Loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs can go two ways. The trick with loyalty programs is not to offer massive discounts. Big discounts could make you go bankrupt fast.

10. Active social media pages.

Social media pages can be the game changer if you get the right training. I recommend you only use quality images & videos too. Facebook love video so work with Facebook and give them what they want. Video can really help you succeed online if you know how to run ads the right way.

11. Get on Yelp.

Negative reviews can hurt your business. Make sure your maintain a fun positive online reputation. Train your staff to only ask customers that say your food was amazing for reviews. This will really help your Yelp page and get you more customers that can lead to more emails for your list.

12. Get your Restaurant on Facebook.

Use Facebook Geo-Targeted Ads to reach locals in your city or town.

13. Get on Instagram.

Instagram users love to shop. Make sure you have your address in your bio and on your posts.

14. Show your team off.

Show the human element side of your business. Always make sure your team are well dressed and have a big smile. A big smile can tell customers much about your business. Your reputation matters online.

15. Use Buffer.

Use a free tool like Buffer to automate most of your social media pages. Buffer can save you valuable time and save you a ton of cash. PS. Buffer can lower your reach so I advice you post manualy to your social media pages.

16. Get a blog.

If you have a website you can easily add a blog to that website that can lead to more business if you know how to write a good blog post. You can find lots of free advice for this on Youtube & Google.

17. Show your menu online.

Always have your menu online so people can see the prices you charge. This will 100% help you get more sales.

18. Team up with delivery services.

You can ad your flyers in the delivery bags that can help them remember you. Secret tip for you. Put a calendar on your flyers in January so they pin it up. This can get you in the head of the customer and people in that household all year for free.

19. Have a website URL link on your flyers.

You can test a URL that takes them to a landing page that allows them to get 10% off in exchange for the customers email address. The trick with marketing automation is to get the customer to do all the work.

20. Use local ingredients.

Be a part of your local community. If you use ingredients from other parts of the world then add this information to your videos as this do help if you have a story behind the food. NOTE: People remember stories not ads.




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Top 10 opening lines for writers

Top 10 Opening Lines for Writers & bloggers.

Top 10 opening lines for writers

  • Q: Did you know that opening lines on your sales can be the difference between a reader reading your copy or ignoring your hard work? 
  • The right opening statements or opening lines can help keep your reader or buyer around for longer. Personally I think opening lines & statements will eat more than 80% of the marketing budget.




Top 10 Opening Lines for Writers & bloggers.


My top 10 must know opening lines for writers and marketing gurus below is in no particular order.

Every opening line & statement should be AB tested.

Below are some powerful opening lines you can test and work with today if you write.


1. It’s no secret that.

2. Let me ask you a simple question.

3. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who.

4. I’m extremely pleased to tell you that.

5. Imagine being able to get a.

6. Believe it or not.

7. Sometimes I wonder why.

8. Don’t be caught without.

9. Think about this.

10. Let’s face it.

Q: Are you a Writer, Blogger or Internet Marketer?

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What is SEO

What is SEO ? / SEO is known as Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the name given to improve search engine rankings online so business owners can get more leads.  

Google use the data from your search to help improve the search engine results for other people just like you that search for the same topic.

People that own a website or online business should keep up-to date with google’s algorithm changes.

Keeping up to date with google’s algorithm change will help your website rank high in the search engines. When you rank high in the search engines you get more free traffic. Your free websites traffic from good SEO can then be converted into new sales or leads for your business. Now you know why some websites make £0 and others make millions of pounds.

The danger of not keeping up-to date with the Google algorithm changes.

Not keeping up to date with the algorithm can sometimes crush a business overnight. Google dislike websites that take a long time to load. Google also dislike non mobile friendly websites. Your website should be mobile friendly if you want to get more free traffic and sales.

A slow websites can be moved down to the second page of google if the data being sent back to Google from the searches people like you and me make show that people never stay on the website page that takes a long time to load or people are leaving the website because your website isn’t user friendly.

All data Google build is be part of the old or new SEO and algorithm updates they make. When they do a new update people like me and you should stick to it if we want to rank higher up the page results of Google.

Google usually rank fast loading mobile friendly websites that have the right SEO and information on them. 

If a fast mobile friendly website with the right information and SEO is showing google that people really like the page they found then this can do your website or website owner good as Google love to rank pages like this.

Google also rank websites by seeing how long a user hangs around on the website and how many links from other websites are pointing back to that website or page.

Google also have many other ways they keep a secret because some bad people will try trick the robots they use that track all this data. One way they might rank a website page is by seeing the comments on that post the user is reading.

Mobile friendly websites can get higher rankings in search engines.

The reason mobile friendly websites get higher rankings is because people like a good user experience when shopping or reading online. If Google rank bad websites then people will never come back to use Google. That only costs Google money if people never come back. Google will 100%  punish websites that annoy the user and try to trick them. I can help you with all this so you never have to worry about this problem.



It’s a good idea for all business owners and SEO teams to read Google’s new algorithm updates regular as this can affect a websites ranking if they require you to update a new change you ignore. Not tracking the guidelines can really hurt your profits.

You can learn more about SEO by clicking here

25 Tips For Marketing Your Business

25 Tips For Marketing Your Business

This easy and effective list should help your sales that little bit more.

1. Use odd numbers like 17.9% or top 7 tips. People trust and like this more.

2. Advertising to everyone is never the best solution. This can cost you money.

3. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if you can’t get the attention of people with your marketing then your screwed. We think headlines eat 80% of your marketing budget.

4. Write your blog content for your audience. Put people in the right mood so they take action.

5. Don’t just say things like download. Tell them why they need to download or buy it. People need a good reason. Example. For a faster download experience. Or, for less lag time download this app. Test and see what works for you.

6. People like to do business with people like them. Use people like them in ads and see if you get a better return. Or use a monkey and see if that works better.

7. Try to leave fancy writing out of designs that don’t need them. It’s also hard for people to read. Quality is dictated by the viewer not the poster.

8. Landing pages should match your ad. Don’t send people to your homepage unless that’s what you need to do.

9. Quotes online should reflect your business, pain, and feelings of your fans.

10. When targeting people during office hours you may want to use images. Most people can’t watch videos during office hours.

11. Never say thanks. Say thank you and use real names.

12. Try to give people something they can feel and take away when they buy something from you. People love to own a real item. That’s why you see people offering a DVD set and not a PDF set sometimes. Offer both can sometimes work.

13. Be unique. People will spot this and like it.

14. People like to know what other people do. Let people know what you do with live updates from your location.

15. Emotions sell if the ad is done correctly. Emotions are key in advertising.

16. Talk to people like they already own it. Don’t say would you like one. Say what one would you be interested in?

17. Do not talk about how good the price is. Talk about what is can do and why your service or product is better or more useful.

18. People don’t always go for the cheapest thing. Some people only buy from a brand they trust and know. Some people don’t like cheap. Some people like high price tags. Please buy some books on pricing and watch your sales go up if you sell something worth buying.

19. Sometimes £49,99 will convert in more sales than £49,96. Sound crazy? Well it works. People are attached to the number 99.

20. Sometimes down to £7 from £10 is better than down from £10 down to £6,99. People like to see one number on price drops. Test and see what works for you. Awkward numbers can annoy people because they don’t really want to stand in the shop adding things up. Sometimes it’s good to leave out the pound sign too. People read from left to right. This trick can make people spend more. Please test this as it don’t work with every business.

21. Naturally tell people how highly trained you or your staff are. People buy this.

22. Short copy and long copy in sales can go two ways. You need to test this from day one. Short copy isn’t always the best. Don’t be fooled by this.

23. Odd numbers usually perform better than even.

24. Content creates amazing conversion opportunities. Write lots it. Every blog post is a sales page.

25. Free doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes people are not thinking about free stuff. Some people want the best and are ready to pay the price.