14 Video Marketing Tips

14 Video Marketing Tips For 2020.

1. Make your thumbnails catchy.

Try to use a catchy thumbnail on your videos. The video thumbnail is the image someone views first before making the decision to play the video.

2. Use text overlay.

When doing thumbnails for videos you should try and use images with some text over it.

Bonus tip. Try to keep the text on the right and the image on the left or vice versa.

3. YouTube.

Every thumbnail is different so please do some research on YouTube to see what the top marketers are using to get a good idea as marketing do change.

Small tip. People will watch a bad video with good audio, but they dislike watching quality videos with bad audio and this can lower your video ranking in the search results.

4. Should you keep your videos short?

You should really be aiming to keep your videos short. 30 to 60 seconds long is good for viral content or to the point. This advice changes depending on what you show in them videos.

Are you explaining tips in your video’s? Then I find it is better to try to keep the videos short, clear and simple for your viewers.

Most viewers don’t like to stay on videos that drag on so give them the information fast as the mind will start to lose focus if videos are too long.

Bonus tip. People love hard simple advice, and they love it even more if the advice is something they can apply or do the same hour or day.

5. Make people feel good.

Do videos that make people feel good.

Let’s say your video was a funny video, people like to watch them longer as they feel good when laughing, and now you have a better chance of keeping the viewers watching your videos.

6. Test what works for you.

Let’s say you were doing a funny pet video, I think you should be keeping them videos 0:30 seconds to 1:20 seconds long. I have seen some quick five to 10 second videos go viral so please test what length of videos work best with your viewers and remember that media will always surprise you.

7. Get Rewarded by Google.

If you want Google to reward you then I recommend longer videos. Google love sites people stay on longer so longer videos and amazing information people like to read or watch will help do just that for your content online. Concentrate on one market and needs to get the best results on Google.

8. The challenge.

Having long videos that keep people around might be a challenge you might think?

We all know people don’t like to watch things that take much time away from them. This tip below I have for you is easy and should give you some direction for making longer videos.

Six 10 second clips of funny animals is better than a long boring video that just shows 1 min of the same pet doing the same thing. People search top 3 and top 10 so you can start with this when building fun content.

9. Catchy video headlines.

Please never forget to use short catchy headlines like “ten ways cats make us laugh”. “Ten funny animals caught on camera”. You can use what you like but this tip is only to get you started.

Try and keep headlines under six words. Around 44% of people scan headlines. Small tip. People scan the first and last words of a headline. Make this the prime location for them buzzwords.

10. Make videos exciting.

Videos that flick from image to image work amazing because people like to see real things. People love the movement in the video at the right speed with the right music. Not all videos need music so test if you need a voice.

Mountain views, nice houses and fancy beach clubs that look out to the sea make people feel good as people like high views. You see this with the aerial view of cruise ships from the helicopter or plane for promo videos.

We know people buy experience and experience comes with a small price tag. Give viewers a free experience by using the right photos and videos with  views.

11. Viral videos.

Viral videos usually go viral because people haven’t seen what’s in the video before. Small example for you. We all know dogs walk on four legs right? So when you see a dog starting to walk on two legs then it is kind of funny right?

People never share anything for the fun of it. People like to share videos of cool things. One of the big reasons people like to share things with friends is because humans like to let people know they’ve seen it first. It’s a strange thing people do so use this to your advantage.

12 Google is like one big university.

Google like websites that users stay on longer.

My guess is probably right or close to the right answer. Google is like one big university, people search Google for how to problems to educate themselves, and if your information is what the user is looking for then you have more chance of keeping them on your site.

Google knows almost everything. They know how long people are staying and looking at things on your site.

If Google can see that people are staying on your page for a long time, they know it’s probably a good site with the right information and now you have more chance of getting ranked higher.

Please note this is not the only way to get ranked higher. This post is just to help you get that little bit more from video marketing.

13. Let them know.

Do you post a great deal of videos? Don’t forget to use things like this in your title.

[#1 or #2] [ one of two ] [ Part one of Two ] [ Video 6 ]

Letting the viewer know you have more videos with this easy trick will get more clicks and views as the user now wants to see more videos if you have good information in them videos.

Tip. To save the space for more words in your headline you can just put this information part 1 & part 2 on your text overlay image so it frees up more room for your headline and description.

14. Give value.

People won’t look at your videos if you don’t give value. You will only annoy the hell out of them and make them leave your website. You might think talking about yourself in all your videos is probably the right thing, but it’s not and it can hurt your ranking.

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See the original guide to this in this video from Brian Dean at Backlinko if you need a more in depth look at this.

Q: Would you like to link to this infographic about SEO?

I put the Embed Code below to save you time.

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How to start a consulting business in 2020

How to Start a Consulting Business.

How to Start a Consulting Business in 2020. 

Q: Do you want to start a consulting business that can give you some extra freedom?

This post might help you make better decisions from the get go.

Below are some consulting business tips and solid advice you should know before you start a consulting business in 2018.

A consultant’s job is to consult the customers needs with the right information only. It’s that simple. You might want to get a team of friends to offer other services and make a referral fee for sending your client to them.

So how much will you make as a consultant?

How much you make depends on what service you offer and market you help. Some consulting services can be £200 daily and some can be £20,000.

I think it also helps to have a passion and high drive for excellence so you can get deep domain knowledge of the industry you enter so you can justify the fee you charge your new customer.

The more you learn the more you earn so learn to invest in yourself. People that invest in themselves believe in themselves.

Below are some things you need to consider before you enter the consulting game.

  • Do you need certifications?
  • What licensing  or licensing will you need.
  • Are you even qualified to be a consultant? People pay for results so make sure you can give them the information or services that can get them the results they need.
  • Are you fit for the job? I think it’s very important to be self-disciplined and work on self-discipline exercises daily.
  • Do you like to go to network events? Networking events are key so learn networking and search online for some good networking tips so you can work on this from the start.

Do you really want to be in the consulting business?

Growing a consulting business can take some time.

You need to know if the decisions you make moving forward are really what you want to do, and if the steps you take now help you become better later so you can charge higher fees later.

Some people try to charge £10,000 for a daily fee for a service that has no demand and then wonder why they go broke.

Being a specialist doesn’t always make you money as a consultant so you might want to accept that your fee needs to be dropped.

You might feel a little annoyed about this but sometimes dropping your fee for a larger market that can afford your fee can make or break your new consulting business.

P.S. You should keep your day job for now and have your own inside outside hustle if you have no demand.

Lower your fee and just accept the market you enter can’t afford your daily fee.

Top 10 business consulting ideas for 2020.

You can start a consulting business in most games thanks to the international access we have to the world.

Below I have a list of 10 consulting field that could work if you have the right skill and demand. Please note that demand is what allows you to charge high fees. P.S. A bit of compelling copy that sells your service can also help you up your daily or monthly fee.

  1. Computer programmer. – MY BEST ONE
  2. Accounting.
  3. Marketing. – You can see some of my best marketing tips here.
  4. Business startups.
  5. Blogging or writing reports.
  6. Headhunter.
  7. Human resources.
  8. Public relations.
  9. Taxes.
  10. Business auditing.

Please note that you should always think category when thinking about a consulting service.

Most people try to be everything. If you can build websites or you have a digital marketing skill then you should think category.

Below are some good examples of consulting categories.

I specialise in website design for law firms.

I specialise in website design for window fitters.

I specialise in restaurant marketing on yelp.

I specialise in yelp marketing.

 Bonus tip. If you enter the game of restaurant marketing, then try only get clients that have 3 or 4 or more restaurants and make over £800,000 yearly and most of them will pay you a monthly fee for doing all the work if they need help and you can fix the problem for them. 

Do you have a buyers market?

You need to have a buyers market ready to give you money in exchange for the consulting service you offer, or learn how to get them using PPC, networking and all other channels that might get your foot in the door of your ideal client as ideas and plans never always go to plan.

You have many ways to get new customers so it might be a really good to hire your own consultant to help you see if you have a profitable business and profitable marketing strategy and funnel.

Having a good marketing strategy and funnel can help you see the data you need to make the marketing efforts you do profitable.

Why a business might hire you to consult them.

Below are 10 reasons why a business might hire you to help them.

  1. Your expertise in your field helps them move to the next level without the risk of losing lots of money or crushing the business.
  2. They need you to show them the problems only people with deep domain knowledge know.
  3. They might not have the money to fix the problem later by not knowing them from day one so a smart CEO would like to make the investment now.
  4. The CEO likes to save money and knows it can be cheaper to pay a good consultant than hire a team on a full pay.
  5. The team they have need the right training to move to the next step.
  6. The team they have just have no drive or time to do the job and the CEO likes to keep the team happy.
  7. They need a new strategy or game plan because of law changes, old strategy isn’t working or good employees have left to work on a bigger team or idea that might put the business at risk.
  8. New data shows a better ROI so they need to know how to maximise the ROI or IRR.
  9. They have extra money to blow or sales have dropped.
  10. The business has a new CEO with more skills and needs to make the investors happy.

You have many reasons why a business large or small might hire you but this list above is some of the main reasons they might hire you to consult them.

Should you work from home if I want to start a consulting business in 2020?


Why? You have low overheads that can really help you when getting started as 80% of businesses will fail.

If you fail at the new business then I think failing responsibly is best.

Working from home can….

  • Keep costs down.
  • Give you the flexibility you need in life.
  • Less stress of more bills when you have no work. P.S. Sometimes writing a book can help you keep the work coming in.
  • You can be more flexible with the fees you charge.

How much should you charge as a consultant.

You need to know your daily or monthly costs of running your business by writing a list of expenses and look at the  ROI and IRR on your time and investments that help you grow or get new clients.

Before you set a daily or monthly fee you should call some consultants around your city or town to see how much they charge. If they charge £997 then use this as the industry standard.

If you have better tools for the job then  you can charge more than the industry standard or keep the same industry standard fee and over deliver to create more talk value that might get you more work.

If you take a retainer from your new customer you need to remember that most clients will have a clause that prohibits you from working for competitors.  Always ask for the first and last month retainer fee as people can pay late and this can bring problems for you.

Should I charge hourly fees? 

Hard question as not all services are the same.

  • Never set your fee so high that no business can afford your consulting services and you never get any calls to your phone.
  • Never charge so low that the business owner will never call or take your services seriously.

Should you offer a money back guarantee?

This should be tested. You can test it on your PPC and landing pages and when you call them direct. This might convert more people but you need to be careful as some people will try not to pay when the job you did was 100%.

Should I contact people direct to offer my services?


Get a good script to work with and keep testing the copy and practice it at home over and over. Calling just before they open and just after they close will give you a better chance of reaching the decision maker.

The end goal is to get the interview with the decision maker and sell the service you offer later.

Marketing & CAC.

We could be here for days talking about SEO, marketing and PPC. Marketing can hard or very easy depending on the tools and marketing strategies you have.

P.S. You might want to hire a Good Marketing & Website Design Agency to help you get the right tools and data you need.

Marketing is all about testing and getting the CAC cost and time cost from day one so you can make the right decisions to move up to the next level.

Q: Do you need a website or help marketing your business or service online fast?

If you need my advice on marketing then I have some FREE powerful marketing tips & tricks that can help you bring the costs of marketing down HERE.