Top 10 opening lines for writers

Top 10 Opening Lines for Writers & bloggers.

Top 10 opening lines for writers in 2020.

Good opening lines can be the difference between a reader reading your copy or ignoring your hard work online. 

The right opening statements or opening lines can help keep your reader or buyer around for longer. Opening lines & statements will eat more than 80% of the marketing budget so get it right form the start.

My top 10 opening lines for writers below is in no particular order so do what you like.

P.S. Every opening line & statement should be AB tested.

Below are some really powerful opening lines you can test and work with today if you write or send emails to subscribers.

1. It’s no secret that.

2. Let me ask you a simple question.

3. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who.

4. I’m extremely pleased to tell you that.

5. Imagine being able to get a.

6. Believe it or not.

7. Sometimes I wonder why.

8. Don’t be caught without.

9. Think about this.

10. Let’s face it.

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